A little something about our family
I have chosen heavy wood and rough burlap because of it's representation of our family and the sturdy character it stands for. Our's is a family of leaders....God knows, following has never been an easy thing for any of us to do. Honesty, integrity, loyalty, honor, love, devotion, hard work and knowing how to have a good time are all ingredients that have formed this family.
Our German heritage is responsible for not only these qualities but for our very hard heads as well. This family has had it's ups and downs, good times and bad but through it all we remain close. Closeness does not mean seeing each other daily or even on a regular basis....closeness means knowing who we all are and knowing that we will stand together as a family and be there for one another.

I have started this family web tree with my grandparents Richard and Elizabeth. It seemed the logical starting point as I have many points of reference having known and loved them. I felt starting further back would have been difficult and less personal not having known prior descendants. I will include more family history on it's own page over time.